Social Media Manager / Marketing Assistant

Hi there! Fan Wars is looking for a Social Media Manager/Marketing Jedi to manage our twitter AND potentially expand into other areas (instagram! Tumblr! Other stuff) 

The type of person we are looking for:

  • Be super self-motivated! Want to create a Tumblr featuring photos of Oscar Issac? Cool. Want to start a campaign to get Rian Johnson to listen to our podcast! LOVE THAT. We are someone who is PASSIONATE about Fan Wars and for POC-led content and eager to see the community grow

  • You must LOVE twitter — you love interacting and are spending lots of time on social media anyways 

  • You gotta be COOL with promoting Fan Wars in a cool way — if any type of promotion or outreach makes you squishy, this isn’t for you

  • Speak fluent meme/nerd culture/young people stuff because I’m old and I miss it all 

  • Must have experience with social media management and have grown an account and podcast readership in the past

  • Must have a passion for nerd culture and Star Wars awareness is required — you don’t have to be a super fan but you should have seen all the movies 

  • Bonus points for a love of romantic comedy 

People of color are highly encouraged to apply! 

Here’s what the job initials: 

  • Posting consistently about relevant topics to our audience ( Star Wars, fandom, romantic comedy, diversity issues) 

  • Making connections with relevant outlets and social media personalities who would love Fan Wars 

  • Posting updates from patreon and behind-the-scenes posts as they come available 

  • Conceptualizing innovative growth strategies for Fan Wars

  • Responding to people on twitter and interacting with relevant threads (including #audiodramasunday)

Job pays 17/hr and will be around 2-3 hours a week.